Reporting Module
Provides the extraction, processing, consolidation and analysis of data from the CORE system (and the eventual additional systems), as well as, generating Statutory Reports (statistical, prudential, money laundering, management reports), in accordance with the requirements of the National Bank of Romania, the National Office for Prevention and Control of Money Laundering, and the National Agency for Fiscal Administration.

Cash Flow Module
Operational Cash Flow: presents the centralized information, for a chosen date, regarding loans maturities, shareholders’ loans maturities, the available cash, loans applications, due dates for diverse payments and receivables (rents, insurances, etc.)
Cash Flow per Period: extracts the same kind of information as the operational cash flow, for a selected period
Account Statements: uploading of bank account statements, as electronic files, with generation of accounting notes
Diverse Maturities: management of the diverse payments and receivables (rents, insurances, etc.)
Loans Maturities: uploading of excel files containing information regarding refinancing loans, due dates, principal amounts, interest amounts, per currency types

Document Management Module
Full document management solution, which controls and organizes the documents across the entire company.

Available reports for non-banking financial institutions in Romania

  • Reporting of Balance Sheet Assets and Liabilities (Monetary Balance Sheet according to the NBR Regulation 4/2014)
  • Annual Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, Treasury Flows, Equity in Accordance with BNR Order 6/2015)
  • Periodic Financial Statements (5000 cf. NBR Order 28/2011)
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions Exposures Statement (Large exposures in accordance with the NBR Regulation 20/2009)
  • Reporting the level of own funds (see NBR Regulation 20/2009)
  • Sources attracted from the external market
  • Indicators on the criteria for enrollment in the Special Register (see Regulation of the National Bank of Romania 20/2009)
  • The situation of the classification of credit exposures registered with debtors outside credit institutions as well as the need for specific provisions for credit risk (see NBR Order 4/2012)
  • BOP 240 – Statistical reporting to the National Bank of Romania on currency exchange and cash substitution for individuals (see NBR Regulation 4/2014)
  • Reporting cash transactions and external transactions over € 15,000 to the National Office for the Prevention and Control of Money Laundering
  • Reporting to the Credit Risk Center (see NBR Regulation 2/2012)