Comply with the requirements of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. Know your customers. Determine suspicious transactions by verifying lists of sanctions (UN, EU, AL-QAEDA, UK, OFAC, etc.) and lists of politically exposed persons (PEP list).

AML or Anti-Money Maundering Software represents those software programs used by financial institutions to analyze customer data and detect suspicious transactions.

The CoopID – AML software product developed by our team is a modular software solution for the banking and financial sector, which integrates and optimizes the operational and financial processes, flows and activities specific to banks and non – banking financial institutions.

It is a reliable system based on modern technologies that allow a high availability of the system according to the requirements of the banking sector.

The system identifies and captures the typology of money laundering processes, in order to increase its ability to detect and prevent unpleasant events. It also provides complete tools to handle money laundering and litigation and enforcement issues.

The functions of the AML Module

  • Information gathering function;
  • The function of analyzing the received information;
  • Information function;
  • Update function for criteria analysis;
  • Parameters of the application;
  • Monitoring;
  • The function of collecting, creating and sending information in special forms to the authorized parties according to the legislation;

The system provides:

  • information mechanisms for front-office users responsible for executing transaction / operation identified as possible risk;
  • information mechanisms for back-office users responsible for analyzing the identified case as potential risk;
  • mechanisms for pending-account holders until the analysis of the case identified as possible risk is completed.